Dusty Mauve, Homecoming, and the Day that Ruined Shoe Shopping

Every girl loves a good day of shoe shopping, am I right?

Well, you’d think so…then today happened.

My daughter received a fantastic homecoming “proposal” this week and so the endeavor to find that perfect dress and the shoes to match began.


Our mission started out fairly well, we found a gorgeous dress that she absolutely fell in love with in the first 40 minutes. It is simple and feminine with a beautiful lace pattern. The color? Dusty Mauve. Ahhhh, so pink and so pretty. Obviously I can’t share a photo of the dress just yet as that would break all the homecoming dress rules-you guys understand.

Next, we started the hunt for shoes and let me tell you, we had no idea what we were getting into.

Let’s start with the silver sparkles.


Gorgeous, but it they just didn’t match.


Next up, champagne gold…that goes with everything, right?




Okay. Now we’ve got it. Rose gold! That’s basically the same thing as dusty mauve, right?


No, my friends! No it is not! Appearances can be deceiving and just when we thought we had a perfect match, we discovered that dusty mauve makes rose gold look orange.

I’m telling you guys, if this color had a personality it would have the most narcissistic, self-centered disposition you ever did encounter.

At this point, even the color’s name was wearing thin on me. Dusty Mauve…how conceited. You’re just a powdery dark pink. Get over yourself.

7 stores and 4 hours later, we found the ultimate match! Jessica Simpson dusty rose heels! The colors blended perfectly and they had just the right amount of bling…and guess what?

dusty rose



We gave up. Shoe shopping has been ruined, at least for the time being. After venting our frustrations and kicking back a 10 piece McDonald’s chicken nugget, we finally settled on a plain pair of nude pumps–which just so happen to look like they were made for the dress.


Sometimes less is more. Tomorrow the journey for jewelry begins. Please pray for me…and don’t ever let me buy dusty mauve anything ever again.



2 thoughts on “Dusty Mauve, Homecoming, and the Day that Ruined Shoe Shopping”

  1. I saw that adorable photo on someone else’s Facebook feed and thought “what a creative young guy!”. I hope your daughter has the most magical time of her life in that dusty mauve dress and shoes! These are such special memories and she’ll cherish them forever.

    Liked by 1 person

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