Love in Three Quarter Time

Love in Three Quarter cover

This week I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Love in Three Quarter Time by Rachel McMillan. This novella weaves a lovely tale about Evelyn, a woman close to my heart in both emotions and habit, who is unexpectedly swept away to Vienna, accompanied by her former co-worker–and, um…crush. A perfect Valentine’s Day read! And guess what? It released today! So, Rachel was kind enough to stop by and tell us a bit about writing Love in Three Quarter Time! Pick up a copy today–you won’t be disappointed!

A Tribute to the City of My Heart

vienna1As a reader, setting is often as important as any of the starring characters.  When I was 10 years old, I read Vienna Prelude by Bodie Thoene for the first time.  Before this, my only real conception of Austria was the Sound of Music.  As much as I loved Vienna Prelude’s history and music and love story, I loved Vienna itself. It became the city of my dreams.  For years when anyone asked me “where you would go if you could go anywhere?” I would say, without a beat of hesitation “Vienna.”  My love for Vienna was very much intertwined with Thoene’s brilliant use of it as a canvas for a pre- WWII love story between an American journalist and a violinist with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.    I lived in that world often, tucking into its pages, listening to the Bach and Haydn and Mozart pieces Thoene describes so vividly in her canvas of the onstage and backstage world of Vienna’s orchestras.  Vienna is so beautifully described in the book that the first time I visited, I immediately knew the basic directions and proximity of several famous buildings because I was so familiar with them through Thoene’s fictional world.  Vienna in person—as in fiction—does not disappoint. It is a city that is opulent and grand and filled with glorious customs and history.  I describe the ornate Baroque architecture as being dollops of too much whipped cream. Wandering down the Kartnerstrasse can be deliciously overwhelming.  Taking a trolley on the carousel of the Ringstrasse, hearing Mozart waft from every crevice and corner, sitting at a table in the Café Mozart piercing that first bite of torte while chasing it with that first sip of Einspanner (Coffee and Vienna are as simultaneously intertwined as Waltzing and Vienna).

I had long wanted to write something in tribute to the city of my heart and decided after my most recent trip there last Christmas, that it was time to pursue a few Viennese romances.  In the Vienna trilogy of novellas I am releasing this year, I wanted the romance between the couples in each of the three stories to be met with the romance of the city.  These stories are as much as love letter to Vienna as they are a magical look at three different couples.

vienna2And while I was writing Love in Three Quarter Time, I was ecstatic to realize I was writing for my own enjoyment.  While I also enjoy writing my traditionally published books, I knew that I had no holds barred in letting my romantic nature fly.   While I always intended to release the story for readers, this is the closest experience I had to sitting in my childhood bedroom writing in a teddy bear notebook.  I was writing like no one was watching and it was wonderful.   I was writing a dream. My agent wouldn’t have to pitch the book, editors and sales people wouldn’t have to meet at long board room tables to discuss its financial prospects. This was just me, Vienna and romance…   My romance with the city hopefully encapsulated in the story of a young woman who learns as much about herself and her perceptions of love as she does about the city she spends time in.

My romance with the city hopefully inspires readers to take a look at Vienna and maybe day dream their own trip just as I do every time I read Vienna Prelude.   But as much as I want people to fall in love with Vienna, I want to inspire them to take a look at romance in a different way.  This Valentine’s Day—married or single— take a moment to acknowledge romance in its many forms. In a delicious cup of coffee at a neighbourhood café, in a walk in the snow just when the sky is cotton-candy twilight, in reading a favourite poem aloud, in visiting a museum, in seeing a local concert.  Romance is an art form and a movement as well as an emotional attachment between two people and Love in Three Quarter Time hopefully moves readers to think of the many different tenets of love.

You can get your copy of Love in Three Quarter Time today on Amazon! Visit Rachel’s blog to learn more or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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