Determination, Talent, and….Faith?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately on expectations. Expectations we have for ourselves, for others, and expectations the world has of us. I mean, let’s be real, we live in a goal-driven, go hard or go home society and that can be completely exhausting.

Goals are great. Determination? Better. But what happens when we work so hard, we forget our faith? Forget to pray? Forget to seek guidance from God about what it is we are supposed to do?

A whole lot of nothing good, that’s what!

So, how many of you have seen this? Yes…look below. The big red, white, and black quote glaring directly at you.



What do you think about it? Is is true?

A few years ago I would have said yes. Hands down. No mistake about it. But those same few years ago I was tirelessly working on a book that I didn’t even care about. I was so driven and determined to be successful at what I was doing, I forgot why I was doing it. The first 3 books I wrote were straight out of my soul. I literally poured my heart onto those pages. I loved everything about the process and I loved the result. The book I began to write after those 3 was not for me. I read one negative review of my first book and decided I had to change my writing completely. One review did that!

So now I must say, I find this quote lacking. Dont get me wrong, I definitely think that a hard worker can outshine a talented person who is a bit on the lazy side any day.   What I don’t believe is that we, as hard workers (whether talented or not) can always do it all on our own.

Where is the faith in this statement? Where is the idea that we are meant for certain things and others we are not? For instance, I am completely untalented when it comes to sewing. Seriously, if you want to look like you’re wearing a patchwork outfit made for a clown, I’m your girl! So, if I work hard and sew every single day of my life, will I become a successful seamstress?

I might. I mean, it’s possible. But would it be enjoyable? Probably not.

Why? Because I don’t feel driven to be a seamstress. I do not feel guided by God toward that path.

I think that we sometimes believe we should be able to accomplish anything the world expects of us. What happens when we can’t?

Shame. Doubt. Failure.

If we can stop living by what the world expects and focus instead on what God expects, we might find ourselves much happier.

That is my new goal. That is what all of the hard work will be directed towards with the new novel I am writing. Not towards success, not towards people pleasing, but towards truth. The truth I have to offer that God has inspired me to share through works of fiction.

How do I know that is what’s meant for me?

Because nothing has ever made me feel so alive.

Besides, who said I had to be a seamstress anyway?

Have a blessed week, friends!

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